So, what is
contingent recruitment?

Contingent recruitment (or non-exclusive) recruiters compete to fill a role with other agencies.

The recruiter will only get paid should they successfully fill the role. Working this way is how the recruitment industry got the reputation of “throwing CV’s against a wall”. That’s because this way of working means that the recruiter has to be quick – do a quick database search and get as many CV’s that look OK to the client. The reason that recruiters send all that they have is that they don’t want to risk their competitors sending someone who they have registered on their database.

This way of working does not produce the best result for the client. How can the recruiter produce quality results when they are under so much pressure to move quickly? This is a transactional way of working where not much of a relationship is formed between the parties.

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Try Exclusive or Retained Recruitment…

Exclusive roles

In a nutshell - The recruiter owns the role exclusively.

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Retained recruitment

In a nutshell - The recruiter gets paid a fee for service, rather than a fee for success.

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