so, what is
exclusive recruitment?

Exclusive recruitment sees the recruiter own a role exclusively; but only get paid on success.

There are huge benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment. Namely that the recruiter has more time to do the exercise properly and as a result the clients get a better quality hire at the end of the process. Interestingly, the recruiters charge you the client no more and in many instances many are willing to discount their fee to get exclusive work.

At Venatu we produce a client report (usually weekly) detailing exactly which companies and candidates are being considered. It also shows the stage of discussions with those candidates so a client can see at a glance the work underway on their behalf. A transparent, and highly accountable partnership is thus created.

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Try Contingent or Retained Recruitment…

Contingent recruitment

Contingent recruitment sees the recruiter competing on the role either with other agencies, or indeed the client, should the client have advertised the role on a job board or their website.

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Retained recruitment

The way recruiters should all be working as professional recruiters, is on a retained basis. This is different to the other ways mentioned above as they get paid a fee for service rather than a fee for success.

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