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Aaron Ward

Candidate Manager


What do you do at Venatu?

As a Candidate Manager, I support the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) team with candidate attraction, retention and placement, utilising my prior experience in the hospitality sector to deliver excellent customer service to our candidates and clients.

What did you do before Venatu?

Before Venatu, I spent seven years in the service industry, working my way up from polishing cutlery to managing renowned independent bars and restaurants in the West Yorkshire area.

What do you do outside of Venatu?

I’m keen on fitness and try to train daily. I also have three dogs, one of which is still a mischievous puppy so they keep me very busy! When I’m not training or being annoyed by my dogs, I’ll be out with my friends on an adventure or trying to break a world record nobody cares about.

Contact Aaron

Tel: 01302 591089
Mob: 07514 665549

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