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Jack Clements

Business Support Admin


What do you do at Venatu?

I work with the Industrial Team to ensure all staff coming through our busy pipeline are fully compliant and ready to work, meeting any and all needs of our clients to the highest standards possible. This allows for a compliant and organised workforce that helps drive the Industrial Sector forward and to thrive as more clients join us.

What did you do before Venatu?

Before Venatu I was a Divisional Manager for a Healthcare agency, which gave me a huge insight into and awareness of Temporary staffing, from recruitment and compliance to the placement and general management of staffing levels.

What do you do outside of Venatu?

Outside of Venatu, I enjoy keeping fit at the gym, playing the odd video game or two and going out with friends. When I can, I love to travel too! Huge film buff, and huge fan of Marvel’s MCU.

Contact Jack

Tel: 01302 590970
Mob: 07514 665457

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