so, what is
retained recruitment?

Recruiters are paid for service not a quick result.

This is different to the other ways as the agency gets paid a fee for service rather than a fee for success. They get paid for the work they put in, not the end result they achieve. They have the time to do things properly, including headhunting, tapping into passive networks as well as searching through their active candidate database. Typically, the client will pay a percentage of the expected fee up front then another payment when the shortlist is produced; and then the final balance on success. The first payments are not refundable should the client cancel the role. The benefit to you the client in working this way is you get 100% commitment as the recruiter has time to do things properly. It strengthens the relationship as the two parties work together to produce the outcome required.

The biggest win by working on a retained basis is that the recruiter has more time to source appropriate candidates which will ultimately mean a better quality result at the end of the process. Clients should note that it costs no more to work with a recruiter this way.

Some recruiters will turn contingent roles away. If they are the fifth agency contacted, then do they really want to risk wasting their time working a job that they may already be too late to fill? One typical response to clients is “What I suggest you do is to evaluate what you get from the other agencies. If you are not happy with the quality of the response then come back to me; and we can discuss how we can work together.”

In this candidate short market, recruiters need a commitment from them before they spend the extra time required to source quality candidates. The market has changed; and contingent recruitment will not produce the quality outcome they need.

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Contingent recruitment

Contingent recruitment sees the recruiter competing on the role either with other agencies, or indeed the client, should the client have advertised the role on a job board or their website.

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Exclusive roles

Exclusive roles where the recruiter has the role exclusively; but still only get paid on success. There are huge benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment.

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