VTS Growth Journey: Engineering Innovation


It's been an intriguing few months for VTS, to say the least. Since our inception in March, the journey has been anything but ordinary. Our approach to growth has been measured and intentional, not a mad dash to seize the market. We've been focused on building something meaningful, something that would attract the best opportunities and engineers to support our vision. This required extra time and consideration, first to lay the proper foundations, and second, to fully grasp the needs and expectations of our potential customers.

In late April, we settled into our new premises, providing us with a base to operate from and a space to begin assembling a team capable of fueling our anticipated growth.

May was a whirlwind, with the team crisscrossing the country, lining up opportunities in Scotland, Central England, and the Northwest. The miles added up, as did the late nights. A heartfelt thanks goes out to those who lent a hand during those times—you know who you are!

As we bid farewell to May and welcomed June, another exciting opportunity came VTS's way. We were entrusted with a national project to support one of the UK's largest customers in emissions control. This opened doors for further changes within the VTS team, and that's when Dan Crowther stepped up.

Dan has been instrumental in providing the support needed for this new nationwide project. With over a decade of experience in the field, he has been able to enhance VTS's offerings with training and product support. His expertise has made our business more versatile and has solidified the business model we were striving to create.

Since then, it's been a nonstop adventure. Visits to London, Scotland, Yorkshire, the Northwest, and the Midlands have kept the team on the road, introducing VTS to new regions and fresh opportunities. Many nights have been spent away from home, but the rewards have been well worth the effort.

As we look ahead, the second quarter promises to be just as thrilling. The growth, the opportunities, and the challenges have shaped us, and we're excited to see where this journey takes us next. VTS is more than just a business; it's a vision coming to life, and we're grateful to have you along for the ride!