Founded in 2023, our company was established with a singular goal: to address the pressing needs within the engineering and coach building sectors for specialised support. We serve as a vital partner for operators and manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring their operations maintain momentum and efficiency, especially when faced with essential modifications or rework requirements, the ever-growing staff shortages within workshops or an uplift in specific needs in the workload. 

Central to our ethos is a commitment to tackle the current challenges within the transport and manufacturing industries head-on. Our services span a wide range of solutions, from emissions control support, where we partner with leading providers such as HJS Emission Technology UK, to comprehensive project management. This collaboration underscores our dedication to ensuring that our clients' fleets not only comply with but exceed the latest environmental standards and regulations, marrying operational efficiency with environmental stewardship. 

Our portfolio of services is extensive and tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. It includes campaign support, leveraging our deep expertise in bus and coach engineering to deliver precise, customised solutions. Understanding the financial nuances of our clients' operations, we adopt a competitive and transparent pricing strategy across our service offerings, which encompasses everything from gearbox replacements to full-scale technical support, ensuring our proposals align with our clients’ financial planning. 

Project management is another critical area of our expertise, where we excel in orchestrating projects from their conception to completion, guaranteeing smooth execution and minimal disruption. Our technical support services are comprehensive, equipped to tackle a myriad of challenges, including diagnostic issues and fleet health assessments, all handled by a team of seasoned engineers. 

Despite being a relatively new entity, we bring decades of collective experience to the table. Our team is not just comprised of engineers and technical experts; we are problem solvers and innovators, dedicated to the success and sustainability of our clients' operations. With a forward-looking approach and a solid foundation in practical, industry-leading solutions, we are set on not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of the sectors we serve, championing both innovation and environmental responsibility in every project we undertake. 


  • The need for expert maintenance and repair of major vehicle components.
  • Management and execution of vehicle maintenance campaigns and warranty works.
  • Compliance with regulatory inspections and audits.
  • Diagnosis and repair of complex vehicle systems, including hybrid and electric technologies.
  • Providing cost-effective solutions for repairs and maintenance through fixed-price services. 


  • Major unit changes, such as engine, transmission, and axle replacements
  • Expertise in major unit repairs for a wide range of products
  • Contract maintenance services
  • Emissions Control support 
  • Campaign work management and execution
  • Warranty work on behalf of vehicle and component manufacturers
  • PSV inspections, audits, and vehicle PDIs
  • Diagnostic work across electrical systems, fuel systems, engines, and transmissions
  • Fixed price work for a variety of repairs and services
  • Support for hybrid/electric vehicles and general electrical work
  • Coach building and body repairs 


Danny Kerwin - Head of Technical Projects

Danny has been working within the Bus, Coach and Truck industry for nearly 15 years and in this time managed to be an established individual within these areas.

Starting off in Recruitment in his late 20’s, a late starter some may say but adapted to this with being vastly experienced in his sales background previous he very quickly picked the key elements in the industry, Danny has kept his focus since then and made a name for himself with developing long term relationships with businesses and key individuals throughout the industry to ensure quality and reliability is delivered on every occasion.

Danny has worked in some of the UK’s most established companies providing dedicated engineering support and always keen to give assistance and his expertise to those around him whenever needed as well as aiding customers that may need specific assistance with their needs within their company.

With Danny taking on this vision of Venatu Technical Support it’s something that Danny is keen to establish as one of the main areas of specialist support around the industry for many years to come.

Tel: 07596 868334 Email: danny.kerwin@venatu.co.uk  

Danny Crowther - Project Support Manager 

Since Coming into the business, Danny has shown his knowledge to be invaluable on supporting the business move forward with all areas of campaign work, projects, utilizing his connections in the network amongst other things to his repertoire.

A skilled Level three engineer he previously worked with Danny Kerwin on projects through Arriva Bus and Coach and Alliance TT respectively and over the years developed a good understanding on how to manage and ensure the best service was given for not only the contractors provided but the customers’ expectations wherever it may be in the Country. 

The transition from being on the tools to being off them is new to Dan but something we know he is relishing and his expertise in his engineering background is able to give VTS another layer to their business and will allow the team to have expert first-hand knowledge where needed.

We are sure that with the addition of Danny Crowther, VTS can take huge leaps into new areas and establish the team within key areas of business for the future.

Tel: 07514 665549 Email: danny.crowther@venatu.co.uk

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Email: technicalsupport@venatu.co.uk 


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