Venatu Technical Support is One!


The VTS Journey

From March 2023 to the present, we've not only thrived but also celebrated our first anniversary as an innovative business in the market. It has truly been an extraordinary journey! Embarking on a rollercoaster of opportunities, we're just at the beginning of what promises to be an exciting adventure. Fuelled by caffeine and sheer determination, our journey through long days and weekends across the country has led to some truly memorable moments. Below, we highlight some key milestones in the VTS timeline: 

March 2023 – We Begin!

Initially working from dining room tables and formulating endless plans, we embarked on making Venatu Technical Support a company capable of offering customers "next-level" support. This involved managing customer spending and expectations regarding the kind of labour they expect when outsourcing work.

April 2023 – We Move In!

Our new home, situated near Liverpool Airport, gave us a base from which to establish ourselves and grow in the direction we desired. Despite an initial lack of Wi-Fi, we began to attract customers and, most importantly, saw revenue start to flow into the business!

May to August 2023 – Emissions Mission!

As we grew, so did our opportunities to establish ourselves in the field of Emissions Control. We supported some of the UK's largest emissions support companies, travelling across the North East, Yorkshire, East and West Scotland, the Midlands, and more. We provided specialist training and dedicated support to operators of this equipment, ensuring their fleets ran problem-free. This period involved many sleepless nights, with opportunities flowing in and limited time to seize them, leading to decisions made perhaps while half-asleep! 

September to December 2023 – Full Steam Ahead!

The run-up to the end of 2023 saw us taking on more challenges. The demand for our call-out services increased significantly, and our reputation grew within the industry. Our team and knowledge base expanded in readiness for the challenges of 2024. We also secured the status of UK Service Partner for HJS Emissions Technology, a significant achievement in our first year!

January 2024 – Spreading Wings Abroad!

We started the year with a vision to expand beyond the UK, seeking opportunities in Europe. Discussions with various companies led to projects, including a significant one in Germany supporting a leading manufacturer in the Bus and Coach industry.

February 2024 – Auf Wiedersehen!

February began with our engineers flying to Germany to start on a project, showcasing our willingness to tackle significant challenges. So far, we've managed to provide exceptional service, exceeding customer expectations both in the UK and abroad. Our team in the UK has also been busy with emission system installations, further enhancing our business's reputation.

It's been a year of hard work, growth, and exceeding expectations, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, both within and outside the company. We're eager to continue growing and providing the high-quality services our customers expect.

To all our customers, engineers, employees, and the entire team – this wouldn't have been possible without you!